DeFi Yield Farming Beginners Overview

DeFi Yield Farming Beginners Overview

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5 May, 2021
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What is decentralized finance and yield farming? Vince Wicker from the BEES.Social crypto community explains in simple terms how decentralized finance works, the purpose of liquidity pools and liquidity providers, and finally how yield farmers earn money.

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What Is Yield Farming? Beginners Guide

DeFi Yield Farming Chapter Index
00:00:03 Introduction to DeFi Yield Farming Terminology
00:00:48 What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance)?
00:03:17 Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network
00:04:00 What are Liquidity Pools
00:06:23 Who Are Liquidity Providers and Trading Fees
00:07:00 Automated Market Makers in the Smart Contracts
00:08:10 How DeFi Yield Farming Works
00:09:49 Balancer Liquidity Pools
00:10:15 Staking in BEES.Social Liquidity Pools - Yielding Tokens
00:11:20 Three Ways Yield Farmers Make Money

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You can also watch the DeFi Yield Farming video series in 3 parts

Part 1 - What is DeFi?

Part 2 - Liquidity Pools & Liquidity Providers

Part 3 - What is Yield Farming? How do Yield Farmers Make Money?

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